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Investing in Phil. Stock Market for please (ads, referral and traffic diversion links are not allowed!)

  • your thoughts on AREIT?

    it's a scam, listing on PSE is part of the fund raising as it is selling shares to the public to be used for growth activities. Selling REIT's is like selling the same company shares 2x.
  • Digong Wala Pa Bang Announcement for MGCQ ? para negative 200 na agad PaSEi :P
  • pipitk kaya si $ALI gaya ng ngyari kay $DD nung naglist si $MM
  • Lusaw ang Dalawang Kaban na Bigas hehehe bweset :P
  • ^BUY BUY BUY para may pambili ng de lata kasabay ng bigas psg umangat na.

    Study history, it always goes up, down, up, down.
    buy when down, sell when up.

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  • Buying Time sa PSEi 5600 and Below

    Ihanda na ang Pondo :P

    Na hit yung GTC ko :(