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  • Mga master, anong TPLink Router na indoor na may vlan at omada na pwede gumawa ng voucher?
  • i will try to retest, but I didn't have any issues initiating new connections nor any "websites not loading", the connection count on my mikrotik is even already at 4k+.

    to be honest YMMV na lang siguro ang masasabi ko dito.

    my test were based on IPoE (aka for the new subs) baka iba na yung case with customers na naka PPPoE pa.
  • Can confirm on my end (PPPoE). May limit na ang concurrent connections kay Globe same na with Converge. Not 1500, pero napapansin ko kapag around 5000+ states sa main page ng OPNsense.

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  • ^ make sure to not count the states that is currently being done locally specially kung meron kang intel-vlan routing.

    I only stated the 1500 states as max state size that is still considered usable padin yung internet ni globe. anything higher than (at least in my test) can see intermittent to basically constant no internet issues across the network.

    edit: to be honest im not even sure kung 1500 ba talaga yung max concurrent issue, or maybe this is area-by-area basis. What we do know is globe is now putting artifical limits so kahit gaano pa kabilis yung plan na kinuha mo pero meron naman concurrent connection limit, well I suggest na kunin nyo na lang yung lowest plan. the analogy of "kung marami kang gadget, mag upgrade ka ng plan" no longer works here.

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  • no I purposely tried to reach 5000+ states. bottom line is may limits na rin si Globe. one of the reasons why I moved from Converge to Globe. now parehas na sila. oh well. at least us with lower plans can avoid this by availing a static IP. unless i limit din nila.
  • ^ thats the sad part. hindi mo ma avail yung static ip addon kung:

    - hindi ka pppoe
    - hindi ka plan 2499 or higher (aka VIP plans).
  • Is putting a concurrent connection limit even legal? Is it in their terms and conditions?
  • Is putting a concurrent connection limit even legal?

    Dejavu when CGNAT was first implemented hahaha
  • Dejavu when CGNAT was first implemented hahaha

    Ahaha, fair point. So now CGNAT restricts incoming connections while the concurrent connection limit restricts outgoing connections. This sucks.
  • @kevindd992002_2
    should have no issues if you have ipv6 tho, theoretically speaking
  • Yeah, I just don't see ipv6 being that common anytime soon even if it exists for several years now.
  • I remember when I started working at my present company, there were already discussions about supporting ipv6 on our network.

    that was 12yrs ago, up to now I haven’t seen any single application using ipv6.
  • Mga master anong Wi-Fi router meron Blacklist and Whitelist and may speed limiter?
  • ^pretty much any router, the odds na walang whilelist/blascklist yung router na nabili mo is basically near 0%
  • @all anong cheapest wifi 6e router currently na available online or physical?
  • Wag muna kumuha ng WiFi 6E routers due to this reason:

    Would like to get confirmation from any TPCers?
  • To those with the ER605 V1.0 dual wan router try the 1.3.0 build 20230511 firmware from the US support site. Seems to have improved the failover function. I simulated a LOS by pulling the patch cord from the ONU. It switched over to the backup WAN ok. Plugged back the patch cord and it returned to the primary WAN as it should. Previously I had to reboot it to make it switch back to the primary.
  • re: wifi6e
    imho unless your area is crowded on 5Ghz there is really no real-world benefit at this time.
  • ^I don't think the Philippines has even opened up the 6Ghz spectrum for wifi use. So it's technically illegal to use wifi6e at this point.