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  • looking at Asus routers as well pero parang wala na ako makita RT-AC86u gaya ng dati, mga newer versions na yata.

    meron parin naman sa Sh**p* but overseas na galing and its priced at around 4 to 5k.
    most likely these are chinese variants but you can still have english UI and flash it with merlin firmware.

    I checked you're Dlink router and it seems they only released only one firmware update for this specific model.
    What's good about the Asus AC86u is that even though its already a five year old router it still getting official updates from Asus. Merlin on the hand releases updates and patches on a regular basis,
  • ^
    At this point, I would suggest purchasing a wifi6 router. Personally I’m using Asus ax86u and gt-ax6000 and no issues naman. For 5k budget you may check the routers below.

    TP-link ax72
    Xiaomi ax6000
  • Hi sirs, advise lang sir sa port forwarding sa Windows.

    Bali ganito yung setup ko:
    2 PCs bridged Windows 10

    Router < PC with wifi < bridged ethernet < 2nd PC

    May chance ba po na magforward ng ports sa 2nd PC? Or kahit sa 1st PC? Tinry ko kasi yung normal na port forward hindi gumana. Sa ibang devices na walang bridged connection ok naman yung port forwarding, bukas yung mga ports

    EDIT: Tinry ko rin na nakastatic IP both PCs at hindi, parehas hindi gumana

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  • pano diskarte yung client na naka block ip namin sabi nila whitelisted na daw ip namin sa pag access ng site nila. send na namin scrrenshot ng browser at traceroute. last hop ng tracert sa kanila... patulong???

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  • @jelome
    why not just use a switch, yung 4ports less than 500lng

    kulang ng info eh. nakikita ba nila yung packet galing sa client?
  • @frequenzy
    Sa setup namin hindi possible makabit yung switch sa main router, kaya yung main PC naka wifi lang din.

    Naisip ko rin kabitan nalang ng wifi yung 2nd PC, pero kasi bandwidth hog yung 2 PCs, may communication sila sa isa't isa na malakas kumain ng bandwidth. Sa ngayon di ko parin maforward yung ports sa both PCs...
  • @jelome
    medyo di lang clear yung setup mo. but perhaps use a wireless mesh, so that all the routing will be done on the router/access point then the PCs will just be treated as clients.
  • Help. Palaging napuputol internet ko at night. Not sure if its the PLDT modem or my router.

    Maybe once to three times per day napuputol internet ko usually at night. Solution is just to turn my Asus router on and off tapos ok na. I don't know why assuming there's a disruption from the PLDT modem my Asus router does not reconnect and work as normal? May setting kaya na mali sa Asus router?

  • @angus,
    first thing, are you getting disconnected sa wifi mismo or may wifi namn pero wala internet?

    if internet lang wala then check below
    is wifi turned for both pldt modem and asus? if yes, once you get disconnected then you can try connecting to pldt modem and check, if may internet then it’s possibly a problem your asus router.

    if naka off naman wifi ni pldt, then once you get disconnected. try logging in the asus router then verify if may internet

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  • help po please...

    paano po ma-enable ang lan/ethernet ports ng Huawei HG8145V5?

    ito mga na-try ko na pero di parin gumagana mga lan ports:

  • recently bought those X540-T2 on shopee, all I can say is yeah it works and also, its damn cheap like 655 pesos wtf.

    though the product description says that the card wont work on some systems with specific motherboard chipsets. but hey, I tried it on my HP-T620 plus and my J3000 series ITX motherboard with only x1 pcie lane, both system detected the card.

    The card only negotiate at 100/1000/10000 speeds no 2.5 or 5gig link speeds, but hey, its at least a hell lot cheaper than those dual port gigabit intel nics sold here either locally or through shopee.

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  • @polka

    How are you certain that it's not a fake X540-T2 though? At that price point, I would really think twice. There are a lot of fake Intel cards.
  • na confuse ako sa tplink ax5400 and ax5400 pro, pareho lang ba sila nagkaiba lang ng region and external design or completely different?
    Edit: a mukhang me minor variation like lan ports

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  • main difference is the 2.5Gbps ports
  • @kevindd992002

    is there even a fake for this kind of chip?

    and yes its very real, nalaman ko lang to sa work-mate ko na nag take risk and buy one anyway and damn, it is a real x540 card. No doubt about it since there's even a Dell branding on it.

    of course um-order narin ako, exactly 4 pieces of it, all exact the same thing and all of them are working.

    edit: problema ko na lang sa card na to is yung heat output niya, even doing nothing at all, lakas uminit, around 80c na kelangan talaga meron airflow sa card na to.

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  • @polka

    There are. Talamak ang fake kapag Intel cards. I forgot na how you can determine kasi it's different per model but a Google search will show you a couple of results.

    Rj45 multigig cards are known to consume more power significantly than their SFP+ counterparts so you really need some kind of airflow through them.
  • Finally changed router to TP-Link AX72 AX5400, basura nga old router namin, everything is faster, longer range and don't drop connections and signals
  • Question,
    May nag try na ba mag custom firmware ng TPLink Archer AX72? Wala pa ba support ng ddwrt and openwrt?
    Ano difference ng archer ax72 and ax72 Pro. Sa site kasi same lang specs.

    yung pro ay may 1 x 2.5 Gigabit wan/lan pala

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  • hi, can anyone here can share ideas kung ano ba ang purpose ng CLOUD MANAGEMENT SYSTEM na included sa mga PoE, Router, Network Switch..? i thought na para syang iphone cloud na pang-STORAGE purpose eh.. pero iba yta ang gamit nito sa mga units na nasabi ko.. thanks!
  • ask ko lang kung mabilis usb 3.0 file transfer ng mga asus ax routers? napansin ko kasi sa mga youtube reviews sa tp link ax55 at ax73 ay nagrange lang ng 30megabytes/s sa ax55 at 60megabytes/s sa ax73 ni tp link. maganda rin sana ang file transfer ni linksys kaso hindi nga lang good sa coverage
  • youtube reviews sa tp link ax55 at ax73 ay nagrange lang ng 30megabytes/s sa ax55 at 60megabytes/s sa ax73 ni tp link.

    this is too vague.

    sa totoo lang any routers that tp-link release have different hardware revision under the same name that you can literally tell it that the entire thing is a whole new different router maybe to actual looks maybe the same but that's it. at first maybe they were using mediatek, then for some off reason they moved to broadcom or at worst they use a cheap ass realtek chipset all under the same router model number.

    as for router reviews.... well.... majority of them is basically almost all of them are just a glorified sponsored video, cheering how good the router is. a good router review actually do test it with a NAT speed test using a locally hosted librespeed or openspeedtest and also do a raw iperf test and as well as do a state test and further test it how stable the router under a heavy network traffic (im not talking about doing a 1gbit download speeds here but doing a test by opening a bunch of connection states and see if the router crash under what amount of connection state it was handling).

    as for USBs, to be honest I dont know, I already gave up USB stuff on router ever since back in Tomato CW535x days. There are better ways now how to get the most of the speed using a USB mass storage device and you can easily get those hardware either using SBC that you can easily buy over shopee/lazada now a days or the widely available x86 based thin clients/mini pcs. BTW a cheap 600 (some sells under 900) pesos Dell Wyse 3040 from fb market place can get you a better mileage using it as a cheap NAS compared to a router with USB port.
  • pwede ba ma port forward ang PLDT router
  • pwede ba ma port forward ang PLDT router

    if you have access to the PLDT router and have a public ip. then yes. but if you are receiving a CGNAT ip then it's not possible.
  • @frequency
    yes naka PUBLIC ip na po ako open na din ung ports nadetect naman naaccess ko din router ko sa anywhere pero ung ip ni hikvision ayaw. loading lang
  • @Nixus
    i’m also using hikvision and no issues naman when accessing via hik-connect, although upnp gamit ko.
  • thanks & noted @polka
  • looking at Asus routers as well pero parang wala na ako makita RT-AC86u gaya ng dati, mga newer versions na yata.

    was scouting for an Asus router as well to replace my oldie guest/back-up router RT-N16 (this one still working so well) but ended up getting Asus RT-AX53U instead. It is not Tomato supported (unlike the RT-N16) but it is OpenWRT supported (stable release, not snapshot).
  • may issue ba sa merlin at hardware performance kapag yun asus router came from hongkong-china region - yun may chinese characters besides english text sa likod ng router or mismong packaging unlike talaga sa international english version

    may nabasa kasi akong review na bumabalik sa chinese firmware kung naka auto update kaya plan ko to buy it sa mall para legit warranty

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