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Show Me Your RIG!

  • just enter "sleeved" on the search button sir!

    -- edited by lofi312 on Dec 06 2016, 10:54 AM

  • @romnick022

    wow! @Sir ShanSystems ,

    san mo nakuha yang PCIE riser mo?
    hahaha ang lufeet/!!!

    thanks pinabili ko sa sister ko sa US since hindi pwede mag order outside the US..

    eto yung link..

    <click here for link>

    here's the picture before & after the upgrade from Galax gtx 970 to EVGA Gtx 1070 Hybrid plus additional Thermaltake Riing 12 & 14 RGB Led



    Medyo need ng maayos na Cable Management. pero for now ito muna

    -- edited by ShanSystems on Dec 06 2016, 01:54 PM
  • FTH! :)

  • @Kinta

    FTH! :)

    Yes! For the Horde!!!

    World of Warcraft Retail Trollbane US Server player din ako. ^_^
  • just enter "sleeved" on the search button sir!

    Meron pala dito sa IFS, sa google ako naghahanap at FB eh hahaha
  • nice build sir shan! konting touch up na lang ;D
  • boss pasuggest ng magandang case na kaya mag support ng LCS with 2x 240 Rad.

  • @ShanSystems

    wow, ang lufeet na, ang mahal pa! bwahahaha!
    Thanks for the reply!

    Ayos!!!! napakanta nalang ako ng

    "pangarap lang kitaahhh..." hahaha!!!
  • long time no post sorry old skooler na ;D

    boss pasuggest ng magandang case na kaya mag support ng LCS with 2x 240 Rad.

    CM storm trooper lol ^^^
  • Nice...CM Storm Trooper din gamit ko before when I was using 4930K and 780Ti SLI..:D

  • uy Kambal nice ;D
  • Lipat bahay. and also my first watercooled setup.
    Although the case is modded a bit, we managed to pull off putting a watercooled setup on an NZXT S340 Elite.

    I had to leak test it for around 5 hours only. nanerbyos ako I-overnight test baka matulugan ko.

  • PC specs
    intel i7 6700k
    Asus GTX 980TI Poseidon
    MSI z170a gaming m7
    Samsung 850 EVO 250GB
    Samsung 850 EVO 500GB M.2
    Crucial 16GB DDR4 2133
    Kingston Hyperx Fury 16GB DDR4 2133
    Asus pg278q

    Watercooling specs
    Barrow fittings 14mm
    Bitspower Summit EF Armor CPU block
    Stealth Res Standalone
    Barrow DDC pump
  • ^
    Nice and clean build sir! Sana di na magkaleak yan para di ka na masakit ang ulo hahaha
  • ^ eto naman si sir, binati agad sa leak. ahehe
  • Wag mo batiin sir. Haha.
    I had to leak test it using distilled water first for an hour to see if meron leak. Then nagdrain na ko to put the actual coolant. Bleed test then for five hours.
    Ang nkakatuwa, nung nag actual start na ko ng PC doon na tlaga umalis lahat ng bubbles sa system. I learned a new thing sa pwm pumps.

    -- edited by alveey on Dec 09 2016, 06:49 AM
  • @alveey

    Is your i7-6700K overclocked? Just curious how much you can push OC'ing a 6700K cooled by a custom water loop.