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Show Me Your RIG!

  • @djdiaz

    Which wallpaper po? Yung PC Master Race meron 2560x1440 pero yung stormtrooper, 2560x1080 and 3440x1440 lang po yung nakita ko. Mine is 3440x1440. Anyway, eto po yung links to both wallpapers:

    <click here for link>

    <click here for link>

    PC Master Race (2560x1440)
    <click here for link>


    Uy, naalala nya. hehehe.
    Maraming salamat po! :)

    I'm thinking of either a ledge/shelf or isang modular hd wall art. what do you think?




    Parang matagal pa nga yata, inaabangan ko rin eh. May seller naman ng ikea dito sa atin, yung furniture source philippines, kaya lang overpriced talaga. My bekant table though was a gift from my very generous ninang. :D

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  • @rhyder

    ganda! nice and clean! <3 it!

    for me wall art siguro mas maganda.
  • ^ saken naman another monitor sa taas madam hehe


  • atagal nyang Ikea na yan dito para naman magkaroon na ng quality table di yung puro laminated
  • isang modular hd wall art

  • maraming salamat po sa mga inputs nyo. I might just go for a modular wall art if i find one to my liking. :D


    I do plan on having a dual monitor setup and I'm thinking of using my old IPS monitor, kaya lang it's only 23". Hindi ko na rin kasi afford kumuha pa ng malaking monitor or tv. I also plan to do a desk mount instead of wall mount, so malamang mag wall art na nga lang ako for the wall.

    Thanks for the suggestion! :)
  • Sharing my ongoing ITX Manta project. Still missing video card, processor and cooler. Hopefully mabuo na sa next sweldo. :)

  • ^

    Nice! Looking forward to the completed build. :-)
  • @Gobi

    nice setup!

    where did you get the white table?
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  • San po ba nakakabili ng acrylic at magkano? My project kasi ako gagawin sa casing ko, yung acrylic na parang smoke, hindi siya transparent or kita yung loob para siyang smoke or kulay puti tanging liwanag ng ilaw lang ang kita. Tnx sa sasagot

  • PC Update Early 2018. check out my experience transferring all the PC Parts from Inwin 303 Case to Phanteks P400 TG. it was fun yet very stressful. This PC will be used mostly in Video Editing for my youtube channel and gaming given that I have a spare time.

    Intel 6600k @4.6ghz
    CoolerMaster 212x
    Zotac 1060 6gb AMP Edition
    Gskill Ripjaws V 2x8gb 2400
    Crucial MX300 275gb
    Seagate 1tb HDD
    Hitachi 2tb HDD
    Omega Nova 2 RGB Kit
    2x IDCooling 140mm Fans
    Seasonic S12II 620w PSU
    Phanteks P400 TG Case

    Thanks guys and Enjoy the video!

    PS: The video is quite long so please grab a snack, sit back and relax XD

  • My Midrange Battlestation =)

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  • ^Very nice. Specs, sir? :)
  • ^Very nice. Specs, sir? :)

    Chassis: CM Storm Trooper (Paint Modded) w/ Tempered Glass side panel
    Intel Core i5 3570K ...Still Kicking : )
    16 GB (4x4)Kingston HyperX Genesis XMP2133 DDR3 RAM
    Kingston HyperX SSD 120GB for OS
    WD Black 1 Tb for storage
    Gigabyte Z77 UD5H Wifi Ver. 1 Motherboard
    Palit GTX 1060 Super Jetstream 6GB
    PSU: CM Silent Pro 850 Watts

    CPU Cooler: Noctua NH D15 with Chromax Heatsink Covers and Fans
    Rakk Spectra RGB case fans
    Thermaltake Riing 12 Red (2 front intake fans)


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  • built this last month ngayon ko lang post

    CCTV/movie server/torrent machine/and a vmhost for a small legacy program

    Ryzen 5 1600x
    Noctua Nh-U12s SE-AM4
    Asus Prime B35M A
    2x4gb ddr4 2600mhz Ttforce
    120gb geil zenith R3 ssd
    1x 4tb seagate skyhawk
    4x 4tb seagate
    2gb galax GT 730
    seasonic focus platinum 550PX
    2x Deepcool PWM fanhub
    6x Corsair SP120 PWM
    aerocool strike one case
    connected to a 1080p TV via HDMI

    i probably need to go dual port intel nic soon no teaming support for windows 10

    yes its on its side i put rubber grommet so it would be stable

    and yes this will run constantly no shutdown been running for 2weeks already

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  • Just an update on my Manta build. Balak ko pa palitan yung 3 fans with white led.

  • Under Renovation ang House...Moved to a small condo..Sikip..:D

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  • @ inflikted

    nice build sir! for me no need mo na palitan ng fan na may led yang fans mo na yan, instead bili ka nalang ng led strip...
  • @ inflikted

    nice build sir! for me no need mo na palitan ng fan na may led yang fans mo na yan, instead bili ka nalang ng led strip...

    thanks sa suggestion sir! maigi nga try ko muna white led strips.