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  • guys,

    How do you troubleshoot usb port not working? since connected siya sa mobo pag sira na lahat ng port edi for replacement na?
  • ^ If you have electronics skills, you can try looking for the fuses on the USB ports, then test for continuity.
  • What could be the possible problem for "No signal on monitor"?
    1st scenario - pag-on ng pc, "no signal on monitor" pero you can hear from the speaker na pumasok ng windows. On/off mo lang magiging ok na (sometimes it takes a while/hours/days bago maging ok)
    2nd scenario - habang naglalaro ng dota2, nag- "no signal on monitor". Force restart, no signal pa rin... after several hours, umok na...

    Ok naman temp ng video card - nasa 65c

    Videocard kaya? Or chip sa motherboard na related sa video?

    Baka may naka-experience na ng ganito...


    -- edited by nivla18 on May 24 2016, 09:30 PM
  • These days, GPUs are either on a video card, or part of the processor itself .

    The only exception to this is the soon-to-be-retired AM3 platform for the FX processors.

    Your graphics card might be overheating. Clean the heatsink and fan, change the thermal paste if you can. Don't use cheap, generic paste.
  • @nivla18

    haven't you tried it with a different video cable?
  • @awakeruze

    Pero working yung ram sa H61M mobo sir, even sa z68 working din until nireset ko yung cmos battery.

    May way ba sir para iflash ung bios sa z68 even no display and beep? Kase may nabasa ako na pwede mag flash using usb pero ung nadownload ko sa msi website is a .exe file which is malabo maread kung sa booting?
  • ^ If you suspect BIOS failure, then it would be better to send it to a shop that offers BIOS flashing services.
  • hi ask ko lang. AMD a6 5400k yung unit ko and ASROCK FM2 ung MOBO ko
    Ganto nangyari may keyboard ako dati nakatago hindi ko napansin may maliit na kagat ng daga ung wire
    tapos pag saksak ko nag LOW Voltage yung 4 usb port sa likod.. pag sinasaksakan ko ng Gaming Joystick gumagana naman pero pag usb mahina ang ilaw at hindi na dedetect.. Trinay ko na din sya linisan using WD Cleaner naayos sya ng 3days pero bumalik nanaman po sa dati baka may way pa para maayos .. ang gamit ko ngayon is bumili ako ng pci-e usb pero mas gusto ko sana maayos un
  • Check for a blown micro fuse on the mother board.
  • Ano kaya sira pag maling resolution nadedetect? I tried tanggalin ung VC. Umokay naman siya. I tried updating driver. Pero ganun pa din eh pag may VC. Sira na kaya ung VC ko?
  • @awakeruze

    paano ko ichecheck sir? sa isang online games lang nag gaganun eh? sa ibang OL games naman ok. kakabili ko lang ng VC pero naging ok sya kaso nag sspike talga ung CPU sa 100%.. makakatulong ba ung pagpapalit ng cooling heatsink?
  • @statix, yup...ganun pa rin...intermittent sya...
  • @jeroabra
    Regarding the USB issue, it's very possible that the fuse(s) on the motherboard's USB ports blew open due to the faulty device you plugged in.

    The red arrows on the picture point to micro fuses which may look similar to the ones on your board.

    You can test if the fuses are OK or not by checking the ohms resistance using a multi-tester.
    If the fuses are blown, then you need to replace them, which requires advanced soldering skills and equipment.

    Regarding the CPU 100% usage, the 5400K is a very weak processor, slower than the Intel Pentium G3240. You should have upgraded to an A8-5600K or 6600K instead of buying a video card.