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  • Yup! Naka 2 ako plus yung sa check up ng shop. Just wondering if should i also change the psu. Pero working naman sya ngayon nung nag change ako to haswell.????
  • @reezer

    The common denominator among both setups is the OCZ Stealth XStream 2 PSU so it might be the PSU that's causing it. I don't think your Core i5-2500K is damaging the motherboard unless you are putting in too much voltage in your overclocks.

    I recommend changing your PSU to something better like Seasonic. Anyway the OCZ PSU is 4 years old so you can justify replacing it and just keep it as a backup :-)
  • Actually I was planning yung seasonic m12 evo 2. Yun na din kasi feeling ko eh. Haha. Just want to know yung consensus. Thanks so much!
  • The Seasonic M12 II EVO is a good PSU, with 5 years local warranty if I remember correctly.
  • @awakeruze

    Thanks sir,

    i also noticed that before all of it happened the laptop always says, windows wont start properly or something like that, then it will blue screen after how many minutes of usage.. btw thanks for your reply.
  • May alam po ba kayo na legit na magaling na nag aayos ng videocard problem nya po is biglang namamatay
  • @ealim0890
    Well, since this is an HP laptop we're talking about, overheating is a serious possibility. An overheating laptop can cause BSODs and shutdowns.
  • joma123 Send Message View User Items on November 23, 2015 09:49 PM #
    Guys I'm in need of professional help. Bumili ako ng bagong SSD, plano ko lang idagdag. second hand binili ko. Ang problema pagkasalpak ko, plano ko sanang iformat kaso biglang siya yung naboot. mali ako na hindi ko muna naayos sa bios yung pagboot. Ngayon biglang hindi na nababasa yung HDD ko. tinry ko munang idisconnect yung SSD tapos pagkaON ko lumalabas nalang eh "reboot and select the proper boot device" *note: ginawa kong 1st yung hard drive sa boot options ng BIOS
    repair mo muna gamit yung OS installer

    *hindi mo naman kailangan mag fresh install ng OS... <click here for link>
  • Magandang Hapon Po Mga Bossing,

    Tanong ko lang po kung anung gagawin if nag-no signal ung video card (GT430 sparkle 1gb 128bit)
    may time po kasi na nagblablack screen ung pc ko. Nagdownload narin po ako ng latest driver and i already install it, but still nagblablack screen po

  • @awakeruze

    i tried exactly what you had said last night, the laptop booted but asking for recovery drive windows something like that,., but i left the cd back in our home so i turned it off, but when i open it again the laptop wont the lcd wont turn on again and the capslock button LED is blinking on and off again. tsk.. thanks for helping sir.
  • ^
    Well, it could be bad RAM (sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn;t), or since it's an HP laptop (a fair number of their laptop models have serious overheating issues) the overheating issue has gotten bad enough that the solder has begun to crack.
  • will it work if I insert recovery drivers?
  • ^
    It's a hardware issue. Changing drivers won't do much.
  • @awakeruze

    Do you meam my 2 ram are defective?
  • ^
    Either 1 of the RAM is defective, or it's a board issue.
  • good day po sa mga tpc

    meron pa akong tanong tungkol sa pag setup ng wifi connection sa canopy internet connection, for some reason why i still using canopy because of area problem. ito lang ksi ang available dito sa mga low cost internet connection. other internet connection like ultera at home dsl eh mahirap dito sa lugar namin. nagtry na ako ipachange ito pero negative ang resulta, so for the main time, since this have contract validity. kailangan kung pagtiisan gang matapos ko ang contract nito.

    sana natulungan nio ako gawan ito praan magkaroon ng wifi connection. anong mga tools ang aking kailangan para magawa. wala modem ang connection na ito, meron lang sya adaptor na ngkokonek sa rj45 cables from antena thru pc.

    umaasa ako meron mkasagot.

    thank you in advance tpc
  • ^ First off you'd need a wifi router.
    Proper configuration can be tricky though, especially if the it records your PC's ethernet MAC address-- AFAIK the old Smart Bro Canopy does this.

    Say you have a desktop PC and a laptop, and your canopy was originally installed on the desktop.
    If you plug the canopy to the laptop and it won't let you connect, then it probably "remembers" the desktop's MAC address. If that's the case, you need a WIFI router that has a "MAC address cloning" feature in order to fool the canopy into thinking it's connected to your desktop directly.

    But if you can freely connect any PC to your canopy without any issues, then it's just a matter of plugging the canopy to the router's WAN port, then setting up the wifi password.
  • @awakeruze

    thank you very much for the answer.

    nasubukan ko iplug ang canopy rj45 cable into laptop before. but it ask again the srn and account number. once naencode mo ung srn and acct no sa laptop na mismo. pag ikabit mo ulit sa desktop magtatanong nman ang browser na srn and acct no. automatic lumalabas ang smartportal site sa browser. ito po ba ang sinasabi nio na kailangan meron mac cloning na feature ang wifi router na kailangan ko? pagbili ba ng router malalaman na agad kung meron sya ng ganon feature?
  • ^my TPlink wifi router has MAC cloning feature.
  • Look at the available wifi routers in the stores close to you, take note their model numbers, then look for their user manuals on the Internet. From there you can find out if they have the MAC address cloning feature.
  • @statix

    thank you guys
  • Good afternoon..

    Dell inspiron n5010. Bigla po nag hang kagabe habang On game ako.Then pagreset ko ayaw n magboot. 8 loud beeps po. Any solution po? Thank you in advance.
  • @awakeruze

    tanong lng po ung mga router na meron mac filtering feature. ito ba ang sinasabi nyo na cloning feature? thanks
  • MAC filtering is different.
    Each LAN device has a unique MAC address.

    A router with MAC filtering allows you to create a list of MAC address that you would permit to connect to your network. Conversely, you can also create a list of MAC addresses that you'd reject/deny entry to your network.
  • @awakeruze

    thanks so it's really different as you said. meron ako router na try ngaun lang, bigay lang ito pero wala sya feature ng wifi. maybe tomorow or next i will purchase a router. ngaun sinubukan ko ang router na ito. ang port name lang nia eh lan 1 to lan 4. other ports is for telephones. ung cable galing sa canopy i put into port 1 and other cable to port 2 going to system unit lan card network. wala naman kakaiba same parin. meron parin ako connection sa pc ko kahit nagdaan sa router muna ang cable galing sa canopy. so this meant a positive result that i can make to setup of wireless connection here? so i will get a wireless router tomorrow or by next day. thanks a lot
  • ^ Can you post a picture, or better yet, give a model # for that router you're testing?
  • @olan04
    According to<click here for link>, it's an LCD error, but since you where playing games when the issue occurred, it's pretty obvious that it's a GPU issue, which drives home my oft-repeated (but rarely taken) advice: never use your laptop as a gaming machine.

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