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  • ^ Salamat po. kaso wala ako kilala na technician na pwde gumawa
  • ^
    Ung gumagawa ng cellphone kaya.
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    Alam ko bawal ang discussion ng piracy o piracy-related topics dito sa TipidPC.
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  • question lang po, pano mo malalaman in nag screen tearing ung monitor?
  • magkakaroon ng screen tearing ang monitor pag yung application na pinapaandar mo is naka vsync off, nagkakaroon ng parang noticable refresh delay with pattern na zigzag horizontal-vertical sa screen.

    read the page here scroll down a bit para makita mo yung sample image: <click here for link>

    you can trigger this by setting the game with vsync off and fullscreen mode (not window mode) and then move your mouse a lot on the game you will see the tearing.

    you can also trigger this on a 75hz (3d bluray movie) movie on a 60hz monitor.

    -- edited by polka on Sep 25 2016, 12:21 PM
  • Hello tanong ko lang. Pag mag papalit ng MOBO, hindi naman need mag reformat diba?
  • ^ need pa rin due to possible different PCH chipset or Soutchbridge chipset. kung same lang maybe hindi na kailangan but dont expect too much about it.all of that only applies to OS lower than Windows 10 1511 (threshold 2) or older (windows 8.x, 7, xp etc...)

    if you under Windows 10 Anniversary Update as your OS, this may not be the case anymore, since windows 10 AA is designed for hardware changes and dont require any os reinstallation anymore.

    -- edited by polka on Sep 25 2016, 04:07 PM
  • Need help mga master.
    Kapag onboard GPU gamit ko at nakatanggal ang RX 460 ko bumubukas naman ang PC ko.
    Pero once na nilagay ko yung GPU no signal na iniindicate nya sa monitor pero nakaon pa rin ang fan ng CPU at GPU. At kahit ilipat ko ung DVI sa onboard habang nakasaksak ang GPU same no signal pa rin.
    Bagong bili lng si GPU dahil bumigay na yung 4670 ko.
    Ito pala Rig ko.
    i3 4160
    Gigabyte H97m D3h
    4gb ram
    Sapphire RX 460 2gb
    FSP hexa 500w

    thanks sa sasagot

    mga boss, ginawa ko na yung mag reset ng bios, at icheck sa BIOS kung sa GPU nkaset. pero no signal pa rin si monitor.
    compatible ba si mobo kay GPU? sa BIOS kasi hanggang GEN 3 lang nakalagay sa PCI na settings eh. yung gDDR5 means 5th GEN?
    sira kaya si GPU?
    thanks sa mga tutulong
  • ^May power ba kay gpu kahit no display? May iba ka bang gpu na pwede subukan kase baka yun pcie slot mo may sira.
  • umiikot nmn yung fan ni gpu. inilipat ko nanrin sa ibanh pci slot, same lang. lagpas pa nmn yung 2 weeks replacement warranty nitong card.
  • ^baka sa board mo na yan,
  • Repost ko lang po question ko from tomshardware

    The 2 yr old pc is booting up all fans running, no beep codes, no red led warning but no display output. Caps lock and num lock are not working so it is assumed that it didn't actually boot up.

    i7 5820k
    Msi x99s sli plus
    Noctua nh d15
    Gskill ripjaws 4 ddr4 4gbx4
    Gtx 980 ti
    Seasonic x series 850 gold
    Some SSDs and HDDs
    An optical drive

    Here are what i've done so far
    -Switched my gpu to other pc and it worked
    -used a different gpu to my system, no result
    -used other psu to my system, no result
    -used my psu to other pc, it worked
    -Re seat everything up to remounting of mobo, no result.
    -detached all hdds and ssds except for an m.2 ssd, no result.
    -detached m.2 ssd and attach only one hdd, no result.

    One thing i haven't done extensively is the one by one reseating of my 4 ram sticks, i only tried re booting with one stick, and two sticks. Havent tried reseating them in all 8 slots becuase of extreme tediousness of having to remount also my huge noctua nh d15.

    Unfortunately, i cannot test my cpu since there is no other x99 platform around, same with the mobo since i dont have a source of a spare 2011v3 cpu.

    The failure happened after i had a bsod error:

    Os (win10) cannot start due to missing or corrupted file
    Clipsp. Sys
    Error: 0x000007b

    I assume that this has nothing to do though since i removed my OS ssd and attached a clean hdd to reinstall a temporary OS to create a bootable win10 for the repair.

    But when i put that os ssd (m.2) back, that's when the problem started.

    I hope someone could shed light. Thanks

    -- edited by barry13 on Sep 26 2016, 06:48 AM
  • ^It's either motherboard or processor na yan, I assume its the motherboard is causing the issue. ram can be isolated by trying 1 by 1 of the rams and it seems you already did it and it didnt work either so I assume that the motherboard is broken (90%) or processor is broken(10%)