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  • @bum4now

    - tanong mo mother mo kung bumagsak ung cpu. Alam mo na, minsan hindi sasabihin pag di tinanong

    di naman bumagsak, i was right there when it happened lol
    - reseat power cord and try again

    i've tried unplugging and plugging in the PSU cable (to the cable extension) and cable extension to power outlet numerous times. also tried all the different sockets for both the power outlet and cable extension. nada.
    - try different power cord < 1st suspek

    i will try using my brother's PSU cable. don't have a spare cable extension though so i guess this will have to wait.
    - try mo ung psu sa pc ng utol mo

    i'm a bit hesitant to try this. could i not potentially harm his pc by doing this?


    don't quite have the balls to do this one just yet lol

    btw, thank you both for your input! greatly appreciated!
  • quick update..

    1. tried a different psu cable, nada.
    2. haven't tried my psu with bro's pc. don't feel comfortable trying this.
    3. tried the pasu paper clip test - psu did not run (fan did not move)

    Is it safe to say the psu is busted? any recommendations for a replacement just in case? i'll also probably post this on the " my rig" thread

    if it matters, current PC specs are:
    cpu, i5-6500
    mobo, b150m night elf
    gpu, palit 1660ti
    psu, seasonic 550 g-series 80+ gold
  • Check when you purchased your seasonic. Baka covered pa ng warranty and pwede pa ma-RMA.
  • got it in 2016. never tried RMA before but i'm assuming i need the receipt. wala na kasi eh, and even if i did have it malamang nabura na yun sa papel hehe
  • ^Sa helix hindi naman nila kailangan nung receipt, pacheck mo lang sa kanila ang serial kung under warranty pa. Sa case ko nuon out of warranty na, kaya binigyan nalang nila ako ng discounted price. Good deal na yun para sakin.

    Seasonic PSU users pasok.....
    <click here for link>

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  • @arkyn
    sweet, good to know. thank you my good sir! i'll check it out
  • Mga sir, baka po pwede makahingi ng advise.

    May bago akong bili na Ramsta 512gb m.2 nvme (m.2 2280 pcie) na gagamitin ko po sana as my main drive for windows bootup. di po sya detected sa bios at disk management at wala rin pong ilaw yung led para sa socket sa mobo. wala rin laman yung nvme configuration sa bios.

    tried re-seatting it po ng marami ng beses na, updated my bios at kalikot sa bios, like enable ng csm kaso di po parin ma solve.

    Di ko pa po nagagawa is mag boot thru usb para mag install ng os dun sa nabanggit na ssd.

    Asus b450m gaming plus
    rx 5700xt
    1x 240gb ssd
    1x 500gb hdd
    r5 2600
    2x8gb 3200 ram
    600w psu 80+ bronze

    Baka po kasi may kailangan pang gawin para bago ko ipa replace.

    Thanks in advance

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  • just curious - gano katagal usually ang response time ng helix with support tickets for psu RMA's? anyone have any idea? submitted a ticket friday morning (11am), still have no response from them. i know it's a bit early but gaaah, hirap ng walang sariling pc lol
  • @makyow Get it replaced.

    Personal experience ko sa mga nvme is the probability of those not working is higher than SATA SSDs.
  • Wow, someone who does gpu board repairs:

    He drilled the burnt part of the board to get rid of the short as well tests mosfets. Videos I've seen so far only switched those out when suspect.
  • Never use furmark for stress testing it broke my 3080..

    Here's what happened, my RTX Ventus 3x 3080 OC VRAM temperature is overheating running at 106c memory temp at load, it is a well known problem with MSI cards because of the low grade thermal pad that they are using. I changed the pads with thermal oddysey 2mm pads and thermal paste thermal grizzly kryonaut. After changing, i turned the PC on and stressed test the gpu and monitored the temps. I used FURMARK stress test and let it run for 10mins, temperatures are within the safe range from 106c to 90c (memory temp) and core temp maxed at 75c from previous 80c then my computer shutdown and wont turn on. I tried the gpu in different computers but no display. I've read in reddit that FURMARK does have a tendency to kill your GPU. Before using furmark there is a warning "to do it at your own risk" but I disregard it because I was anxious on how well the thermal pad and paste replacement performed and i was monitoring the GPU temp during the process. The pad replacement and paste worked (-16c memory temp and -5c core temp) but it broke my GPU. Lesson learned and sharing the lesson to others to never use FURMARK for gpu stress testing. Just use unigine or the likes because furmark gives load more than what the video card can handle that is unrealistic to real world gaming or any software available.