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  • Holidays ngayon, so you may have to wait until maybe Monday next week kung pupunta ka ng repair shop.

    Did some checking online and walang diagnostic LEDs yung board mo. But it does produce beep codes if you attach a pc speaker to the speaker header on your motherboard. Although not everyone will have a mini-speaker like this.

    Minsan nag boo-boot-up then after 2 mins wala lahat ulit lahat pero power on parin.

    For clarity, when you say nag boot up, do you mean may nag appear sa screen? If so, could be a cooling problem due to dried up na thermal paste of a failing cpu fan.

    Otherwise, best bet is to strip down to bare components and swap parts to identify which one has the problem, if you have spare "known good" parts. Don't disregard trying a different working PSU if you have one.
  • @bum4now
    Pag on ko yung power 3 scenarios pede manyari

    -no display, no mouse no keyboard light
    -boot up ng bios screen then no display
    -boot up all the way ,nabuksan ko pa Google chrome ,tapos 2 mins no display

    Side note the PC and all it's part is 3 years old

    All 3 scenarios may power at umiikot ang fans ko.
    One time nag boot up to bios ,namatay nag boot up uli, sabi sa YouTube baka PSU mahina na.

    Anyways if Monday pa ako makaka gala san maganda magpa tingin sir. Trust worthy at kung pede free diagnostic para minimize ang cost Metro manila area

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  • ^ google mo “psu paperclip test”. Gawin mo yun para macheck kung psu ang may problema