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  • Good day po. I am planning to repaste and replace the thermal pads on my Galax GTX 1080 EXOC SNPR. Ano po ba ma re-recommend ninyong thermal paste at ano kayang thickness ng thermal pads ang dapat ko bilhin? Salamat po sa mga sasagot.
  • ^kyronaut thermal grizzy, re sa thermal pads sukatin mo yung old kung ilang mm, Gelid yung magandang thermal pads with higher heat dissipation mga 12 w/mk
  • Good evening mga sirs and mams.
    First off, ito po specs ng newly built pc ko.
    Intel 9900k
    Aorus z390i aorus pro wifi itx mobo
    Nhd15 cooler
    Samsung evo 1tb nvme
    16gb 2x8 vengeance lpx ram
    Fsp dagger pro 650w gold psu
    Gtx 1070 super jetstream.
    All parts po are brandnew except for the gpu na galing sa old rig ko. 100% sure ako na working yun kasi tinest ko uli siya sa old rig ko nung di ko maayos, and gumagana naman. Ang problema ko po, kapag hindi nakakabit ang vcard sa mobo and gamit ko lang is integrated graphics, may display po siya. Kapag kinabit ko na yumg gpu sa board, hindi na lalabas sa display. Kahit ibalik ko yung cable sa mobo, walang lalabas sa screen. Magkakaroon lang uli kapag inoff ko and iremove ang gpu then on uli.
    What ive tried: 1. Resetting
    2. Rebuilding making sure all cables and components are installed properly.
    3. Clearing cmos
    4.clearing cmos while gpu is installed
    5. Deleting all drivers thru ddu(cloned my old files sa new ssd ko)
    6. Dasal habang kinakabit isa isa mag parts during rebuilding.
    7. Installed ram 1 at a time
    8. Turned off igpu sa bios
    Hindi po ako nag oc pa kasi gusto ko muna malaman ano issue..

    Sana matulungan niyo ko
  • palit pala vc mo?? maysado sensitive sa mobo yata yan.. baka my compatible issue sa mobo.. sa..

    cino nagbuild ng pc mo?.try mu ulit basahin manual ng mobo bka my guidlines dun

    this is just opinion no offense
  • ^ako nagbuild sir. Bale 4th build ko na to. Kaso first time ko mag intel. Puro ryzen yung iba. Natry ko na din magupdate ng bios e.
  • Try to check if no post vs no video. Kung ma toggle mo ung caps lock, its usually no video and system boots.
    - kung no post, could be config/setting, could be compatibility
    - kung no video, maybe try different connections (hdmi, dport or dvi) to see if maybe may issue sa port. It could also be a bad cable

    Try mo rin uli sa working rig ung 1070 just to make sure its working

    Did some reading and came across this:

    <click here for link>

    Not the same manufacturer but similar issue.

    Can you try booting system with 1070 installed but w/o the nvme just to check if it will work?

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  • ^thank you for the tips sir. Tried it. Nagpopost siya. Wala akong mono speaker pero gumagana capslock. So no video talaga siya. Natry ko din yung vc sa ibang pc, gumagana naman. Actually, yun lang ang nireuse ko. Also, kapag hindi nakakabit sa mobo yung gpu and sa mobo ako nakakabit, may display. Nawawala lang kapag kinabit ko na yung gpu. Tas kahit ibalik ko sa mobo yung cable. Wala pa din. Kelangan ioff uli at tanggalin ang gpu para magkadisplay thru onboard graphics.
  • @bum4now interesting yung post. Try ko nga ilipat yung nvme. Or isplit ko yung pcie to 8+8 or 8+4+4.
  • @bum4now trie yung sa post. Removed the m.2 drive. Same result. Hmm..
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  • ^hindi rin ba gumagana display kapag nakakabit GPU tapos sa igpu ka monitor? if yes , detected ba sa device manager yung gpu mo,

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  • Meron dun sa external forum links to nvidia's website to update the firmware of the gpu to support hdmi 1.3 and 1.4. i dunno if you want to try that tho
  • papano ba fix yung website redirect. like meron ka click na url tapos iba't ibang link ang lalabas. using google chrome pala.

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  • That could spend. In most cases, sa website yun. Example would be poop up ads. That's how they make money. You can use poop up blockers to get rid of them. Alternatively, the are browser extensions and add ons which can also cause this. You can disable these in chrome settings.

    You may also want to try a different browser. I use brave.
  • @bum4now:

    maraming salamat po. do you use utilities to maintain your pc ? e.g. ccleaner, etc.
  • @ricoalldway
    Na-try mo na ibang ports nung GPU?

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  • @sethmartin

    Not really. Norton 360 is the closest I have to dictate for maintaining the pc. Speaking of which cheaper cya if you buy from Malaysia from their Malaysian site.
  • @bum4now: thanks.
  • Anyone help troubleshoot this sort of issue-- PC loses video output after the BIOS boot screen. There's video output as long as I'm in the BIOS setup screen.

    Specs are:

    i3 2100 LGA 1155
    Asrock H61M/U3S3
    4GB RAM
    Seasonic S12II-520
    Intel graphics only.

    RAM is OK since it passes memtes86+ on another PC.

    I don't have spare LGA1155 motherboard or processsor to test.
  • Does it show the splash screen where you see the mobo info and where you can press del to get into the bios?

    If you boot the system without the hdd connected, does it still not show anything on the screen?
  • hindi ko po ma turn on ung cpu ko using the power button of the cpu case. shinorted ko lang po using screw driver ung sa motherboard and nag on. pero pag gnamit ko ung powerbutton ng case hindi po nagana. need ko na po ba magpalit ng board?

    salamat sa sasagot
  • @bum4now
    It's mentioned in my earlier post. Display output is OK while in BIOS setup.

    No HDD is attached to this system at the moment, booting of a Linux live USB. Also tested other known working boot USBs, no display in all of them.
  • @awakeruze

    Sorry if what I asked wasn't clear. I meant the initial load/post screen where it usually either shows the mobo logo or the screen with system info.

    Strange issue and I don't know if this will be resolvable but what I would do next in the same situation would be the following:

    - try all video ports (VGA/HDMI/DVI) although I think this will probably give the same issue
    - try to do a visual inspection of the board and look for possible issues, solid caps na yata gamit so doubtful there will will be bloated capacitors
    - would try a flash bios update, checked the asrock website and you can do it from within the BIOS
    - pray while the flash is on going, hahaha (sorry, medyo hail mary na ata at this point)
    - wash with joy?

    The only possible causes that I can think of are possible hardware issue or bios corruption since you're troubleshooting with already the bare components. Sorry, but that's all I can think of at this point in time.
  • @rico

    may riser cable ka ba? ano case mo?
  • @glennitsky

    More likely na ung problem is either sa power button mechanism or dun sa cable connecting the power button to the motherboard, both of which are part of the casing. Kung mahilig ka mag tinker, see if you can check the power button assembly.
  • Another issue po: Hp Pavilion x360 touchpad and keyboard po suddenly hindi nagwowork pag nasa desktop. pero pag nasa bios. nagana naman po. brandnew po ito. -_-
  • @glennitsky

    Try mo ung steps dito (this is for disabling pero it will guide you to where you can check/change the options):

    <click here for link>

    You'll have to attach an external mouse if hindi talaga gumagana ung touchpad although dapat touchscreen yan kung 2-in-1 pc.
  • Mga paps paabala uli.

    Ano po kaya possible reasons na magblack muna ang primary monitor tuwing bubuksan ang TV. Nakaconnect din ang TV sa PC para pag manonood kami ng movies. Nangyayari lang naman sya pag monitor naunang nakabukas. Pag TV ang bukas, then saka bubuksan ang monitor wala naman nangyayari. Yung monitor nakakabit sa HDMI. Yung TV sa DVI using HDMI adapter. RX570 po gpu ko. Wala bang masamang epekto yung sa monitor or sa PC. Nakakataka lang kasi dati sa GTX 750 ko di naman nangyayari yun.
  • Check mo display settings habang nakakabit both TV and monitor. Baka nakaset na primary display device ung TV. If not check bios settings kung may config for display devices