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Unified PLDT Home/Biz DSL Users Thread (See page 934 for FAQ. No Torrent discussions and Reference.)

  • di ko ma access pldt admin mga sir? wrong login o email daw, ehh default lang naman gamit ko
  • Sa akin din ngayon lang nagrestart modem, after nun hindi na maaccess adminpldt
  • totoo ba mga tol

    pag tapos na plan lock in period mo eh need mo n bayaran modem? kasi mag fluctuate ayun nasira modem balak kk na paterminate dahil nagpakabit n ako ng globe 1899
  • @wallcolm_x

    if you meant terminating outside lockin no need to pay anything aside sa last bills mo.

    for dsl 1299 below you paid for the modem and free replacement within a year. outside that yes may fee.

    for 1699 up last time i checked the modem is lent to you for free so no you dont pay if it breaks.
    they foot that.
  • Wooh, ako din di ko na ma-access si router. Ano na nangyayare pldt
  • @egmsantos


    It started with FIber and VDSL then even with ADSL.

    The solution for ADSL is simple though.
    Get your own ADSL modem.

    For VDSL(This may or may not work if it requires some settings only PLDT knows) and for fiber next to impossible unless you buy some overpriced piece of hardware with serial cloning and the knowhow beyond youtube videos.
  • @xfm0

    kanina may tumawag na pldt tech support, kasi nireport ko na yung latency hindi stable sa 6-10ms sa local and sa international eh 40-50+ms tapos nag iispike ang ping. ayun tumawag ng tech support and pina off yung onu ng 15 minutes, pag balik may time na okay tapos may time na 150-400ms
    tapos ngayon nag 150-400+ na :(((
  • so anu to sir di na talaga ma access admin settings ng dsl modem ko?
  • @EJDiaZ
    probably di na siguro. working pa rin ung admin admin credential.

    Meron naman akong adsl na tplink un lang parang nagalit yung tech ng pldt nung nagreport ako ng slow connection yung tplink ung nakita nyang nakalagay.
    Kaya daw bumagal dahil dun sa nilagay ko na ibang adsl modem. lol.

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  • @toperloid

    sir di ko na ma access mac filtering kung ganun? haha

    di naman kaya mag ka problema kung reset ko na lang ung modem? pag nag reset mawala ung filtering diba? like babalik sya sa default na, enter password lang kelangan?
  • +1 sa nawalan na ng access sa router, Buti naretain yung patay yung wi-fi sa settings....
  • Paano malaman if may VDSL sa area? saka paano apply po? may fiber box sa amin at nakapag submit na ako ng application for migration pero wala pa din. Baka sakali sa VDSL.
  • what the hell, PLDT is now even dropping admin access to the DSL subs?

    well at least this is not really a big issue since you can just use a off the shelf ADSL modem and it will work just fine assuming you configured it correctly.
  • I have a Baudtec modem. starting today, di ko na maaccess yung adminpldt. then yung first port ng adsl modem don't have internet access. though yung device na nakaconnect sa first port na yun is connected sa network and can be access by other device. di lang makapaginternet. anyone experience this?
  • @polka
    sir can you PM me or point me to the right direction on where to get an off the shelf ADSL modem available locally (or in Amazon)

    My Zyxel P600 modem is somewhat fine with my TPLink TLWR740N but it's been 6 years and I guess either the modem or router is failing on me. I get frequent request time outs..
  • what the hell, PLDT is now even dropping admin access to the DSL subs?

    f#$$ PLDT ... why don't they just give us a modem?
  • Same case as mine, ngayon ko lang nacheck. Totally unaccessible na yung adminpldt account.
  • @ormoreno

    go to aliexpress, you can find some standalone Tplink ADSL modems there.

    for routers, well you can just buy that has a AC label on it, many people here recommend that xiaomi brand due to its "advance qos features it offers. heck it even offers wifi timer setup", else just buy the cheapest mikrotik router (hap lite for example) setting up the mikrotik router is simple enough to get wan interface up and running, the only hard thing about it is the funky setting up a QoS on it (setting up a bandwidth limiter is not really a simple set the values and apply), but hey at least mikrotik have a simple buffer bloat (packet scheduler) setup, which you only need to do is setup your current speed your getting on speedtest and whoala, most of the packet loss or even latency spikes are gone.
  • Re: locking out of admin/advanced settings on PLDT modems.

    For you guys who experienced being locked out of the admin settings, were you using the default username and password of the modem? I think if you have changed the defaults to your own username and passwod then there should be no way for PLDT to lock you out.

    For those of you still able to access the advanced/admin settings, you should immediately change the default PLDT username and password.

    The modem is the property of the customer (either outright purchase, free sa promo or amortized for the duration of contract) and we should be able to use it as we see fit provided we do not violate any terms of service.

    I don't like the idea of having to buy a separate router to connect to a locked modem when the modem can function as a modem, router and wifi device. Ang dami na kayang wires and adaptor plugs! And it takes up more desk space.

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  • @Woof

    Sa Fiber and sa VDSL PLDT can still change the admin credentials kahit baguhin ng end user via TR069

    Nothing to lose to try it on ADSL though.

    If hard reset does not revert the credentials to the default na accessible dati then PLDT updated the firmware from their end.