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Unified PLDT Home/Biz DSL Users Thread (See page 934 for FAQ. No Torrent discussions and Reference.)

  • @jillefren
    What's your modem's brand & model?
  • @BCFreeman
    zyxel modem VMG3926-B10B

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  • @All

    Brand: BaudTec
    Model: RN104R4GC-2T2R-A5

    alam niyo po ba admin account nito?
    and paano po sya ibridge mode.

    thank you!
  • Hi guys,
    I was on DSL Plan 1299 3Mbps and upgraded to VDSL 1699 15Mbps.

    Just want to ask, does anyone know what is the admin password for this kind of router Fiberhome HG180U VDSL modem?

    Thank you.

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  • ^^ ganyan din sakin.. sakin may sticker sa likod ng box may username at password... wala ba sayo?
  • Ask ko lang po sa mga naka VDSL 1699 plan equal po ba ang download and upload speed?
  • Hi! Ask ko lang po paano niyo na-enable yung lan ports sa home fibr router niyo? Sabi kasi sa akin lan 1 lang daw enabled out of the box.

    Edit: pldt google wifi 3299 yung subscription namin.

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  • ^

    1. waiver - not recommended even if marunong ka magkalikot, talo ka dito if may nangyari

    2. 8 (or more) port switch - if lanports lang kelangan mo eto na yan

    3. bridgemode (to your own router) - recommended if you need more features, roleta sa CSR na kausap if ipapasa nya requestmode sa tech, ndi na magets, or manghihingi ng waiver (see #1).
  • Okay lang ba kahit ethernet splitter lang? Yung mga male to female splitters lang. I don't really need that much ports. I just need a free one para naka-ethernet connection laptop ko. tbh. Tingin niyo sir?
  • @redbull
    OO kung under fibr plans yan dapat pareho download/upload speed kung vdsl. Pag DSL 1699 lang limited to 1mbps lang upload.

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  • @ACguy

    500 or less lang ata ung unmanaged 8 port switch (or mga 1300 for 8 port gigabit switch) if gusto mo maraming nkaconnect

    parang ganyan itsura. from pldt modem -> switch, and switch -> wired devices mo
  • @ACguy

    No that's not how a splitter works.

    Two ideas come to mind.
    Split a gigabit capable cable into "two fast ethernet" cables which would then need two ports on both ends.

    Multiply the port for use in different rooms but you can only use one port at a time.(yes i was surprised such a thing exist)

    The former has its uses while the latter sounds stupid to me and i will not try to find out what happens when you connect 2 or more devices on one end.
  • ^

    you can replicate the latter by accidentally configuring 2+ devices with the same static IP on the same network. agawan :)

    I'm guilty of that

    I wont get smoke and sparks when i connect two devices to the same ethernet port?
    That's actually a let down.
  • Good day.
    Ask ko po worth the upgrade 10mbps 2.2k to 30mbps 2.3k?
    Sa converge kung titingnan yung ratio 75mbps 2.5k.
    Salamat po.
  • ^

    1900 ung 25/25 na fiber/vdsl ni pldt

    D ko masagot about converge, check mo na lang ung feedback said mga nasa area nyo
  • Hmmm... sabagay may landline kasi sa PLDT sa converge wala.
  • @endofheart06

    There's a 10mbps 2.2k?
    What plan is that.

    I believe 2.3k refers to the google wifi plan with unli smart calls up to 5 pre-registered numbers yes?
    That's a no brainer 100 lang difference tapos ganyan yung speed.

    I'm not so sure about converge right now.
    Putting their billing and system upgrade aside(which one said he was not credited for his billing payment and asked to pay the bill again), an acquaintance of mine has been having crappy connection around the time of their system upgrade and at this point he'll probably shoot someone from converge if that will fix the connection.

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  • @Blu3martini
    Hindi ko din sure :-D hindi kasi ako nagbabayad e. Sabi sa akin ang bill namin nasa 2.2k. Yun ang result ng speedtest kahit ngayon naglalaro sa 10mbps e. Siguro sabihin ko na lang pa upgrade na lang. Mas-stable pa din si fiber compare sa copper line. Salamat po.
  • @endofheart06

    old subs ba kayo sa pldt? probably adsl pa rin yung line niyo.

    symmetric and stable naman na si vdsl (in my case) basta under 300meters from the DSLAM.
  • @whysoawesome
    Yes po matagal na po line naming. more than 6 or 7 years na din. Swerte lang at stable sa amin. Tambunting Manila area namin.
  • @endofhearf06

    request ka na for upgrade, pwede naman nila i-rewire yung copper niyo since 6-7 years naman na pala. mas bago mas okay. :)
  • Ask ko lang VDSL na ba ang Plan 1699 under Home DSL?
  • nope. under PLDT FIBR ung VDSL/fiber

    Medyo nalito ako. May nabasa din kasi ako sa recent comments na naka VDSL na pero through Plan 1699. Medyo late nako sa balita nag upgrade na pala ng plan si pldt ngayon hehehe.
  • ^

    cguro kung may VDSL kayo sa area nyo, papalipat kayo sa VDSL (on request, or sila mismo mag ooffer/upgrade kusa).

    Kung wala/wala pa VDSL sa area nyo (samin walang VDSL) edi ADSL pa rin.

    Sa PLDT FIBR (VDSL / pure fiber), may 1699 din sila (15mbps down/up)
  • @GENTLEMEN @Blu3martini

    Thanks sa pagsagot. I realized that my laptop wifi card isn't working as intended anymore (the reason I wanted to a lined connection) so I opted for a wifi adapter at the moment. I'll definitely go for a switch if and when I get a PC in my place. Thanks!! :)