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Unified PLDT Home/Biz DSL Users Thread (See page 934 for FAQ. No Torrent discussions and Reference.)

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  • Is your area not serviced by fiber?

    Been waiting for fiber to be rolled out for over 1 decade?

    For those not business savy ISPs will only offer service when they know they can get a reasonable & fast return of investment (ROI).

    If your neighbourhood cannot afford a 999/month plan or only a prepaid plan then it may be a sign that you are the richest person within 1km radius.

    In which case you may want to start looking for a new neighborhood with fiber internet.
  • bakit po nakakaroon ng intermittent Request Time Out pag continuous ping ko google or cloudflare dns servers?

    @tagasubok, same question a few posts back. i think pldt has some problems pinging both services. hmmm