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Unified TV series thread (no piracy discussion)

  • Sana okay to.

    Edit: Ep.1. What a snoozefest. I was expecting science, or a little bit of it, but there was none. This is subpar drama.

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  • free trial 3 months sa Apple TV.

    Amazing Stories

    grabe nostalgic yung intro music. parang tinipid sa visuals pero ok na din.

    then yung mga episodes at least near 1 hour compared sa dati na around 30 minutes lang.
  • @BCfreeman

    Parang human conflict lang ata ang highlight nung Goodbye Earth. Yung perspective ng mga tao sa gitna ng impending doom. Na bore din ako sa ep1
  • Nasa ep 2 na ko di ko alam kung itutuloy ko pa sya :) goodbye earth
    Chubby pa diito si eun-jin last yr pa dapat ito pinalabas

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  • Sugar (2024)

    Classy!!! The shots, callbacks, editing and the modern approach to classic noir plus the fresh offer from the norm PI genre got me hooked. Farrel's character is intriguing enough to make me want more......there's something bout Sugar??!!
  • Bakit ganun yung Shogun? Ending nya theory lang ang pagkapanalo ni Toranaga?
  • +1 on Sugar. for me para syang Miami Vice X John Wick.."i don't like violence" amp

  • Watching the trailer, I somewhat missed yung "Lincoln Lawyer"
  • Trying The Veil right now
  • Them: Covenant (2021)

    So much tension from beginning to end. This series highlights much of the truth about the migration period....provoking, vile and disturbing. An eye opener to a forgotten time. Season 2 Them: The Scare (2024), now on Prime.
  • I can tell this is going to be a good season

  • Bakit ganun yung Shogun? Ending nya theory lang ang pagkapanalo ni Toranaga?

    IMO yung theory niya parang na execute na nya nung episode 9
    ilabas mga traitor (ep 10 , guy who is beheaded), magkaron ng instability dun sa castle

    parang battle of the wits nangyari sa shogun XD

    not action packed, but holds a good show on its own


    Xmen 97 finale next week
    epic nung sentinel master mold fight

    dapat ito yung ep 9 ,

    RIP dun sa isang character
    pwedeng ibalik yun siguro pag dumating si Apocalypse :)

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  • ^ May dalawang episodes pa ata yung x-men 97 sir.
  • ^ hinihintay ko muna matapos para isang panooran n lang yang xmen hehehe
  • Sugar episode 6

    Ano yun?!
  • Dark Matter (2024)

    I thought its a remake/reboot of the Dark Matter (2015) Scyfy comic book based Tv series.... not!! 2 Eps out, it kinda reminds me of Counterpart (2017), which was great show.
  • Yeah I miss that show Counterpart. Mahanda premise ng alternate earths tapos governments from 2 worlds yung involved. I was about to give up sa Dark Matter kasi akala ko centered lang sa love story yung premise but the last scene of ep 2 revealed that there's more to expect from this show. Hopefully it's on par with Counterpart.
  • Fallout

    maganda din kala ko synth si "Finch" ok din soundtrack tapos daming easter eggs

    "War, war never changes"
  • Dark Matter kasi akala ko centered lang sa love story yung premise

    If they are going to be faithful sa book, sad to say that yes it will be.

    Not a fan of Blake Crouch, I think he's the sci fi author equivalent of Dan Brown for thrillers.

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  • X-Men '97

    brings back the comic days sa Filbar's Greenhills and Galleria.

    Sarap panoorin parang mismong comics binabasa ko, buhay na buhay kulay. And yes, Bishop! POW!

    So happy for Rogue in all the wrong and right ways. Right kasi I'm sure she has been longing for that without any protection. And wrong kasi.. bakit kasi siya hehe (won't spoil na)
  • @logan

    So parang stsr crossed lovers lang peg nito? Hindi talaga sci-fi na may bakbakan or espionage?
  • ^ There's action and some espionage but the main focus of the story will be Jason and his family. I haven't seen the show so I don't know if they made some changes to make it even more appealing to mass audience.
  • @gr8guy

    frustrating panuorin sakin in a way. It has super awesome moments, kaso parang comic book pace din yung pacing ng story. Parang ang nangyari, naging faithful sila sa animation (which is superb) pero faithful din sila sa early 90's pace of story telling.

    If you go back to episode 1 of season 1, nakakatawa panuorin kasi it really is a product of its time. Yung episode ay yung unang beses nagpakita mga Sentinels.
    Funny kasi inadequate yung response ng community. There is a 50-75 foot robot-of-destruction walking around the city, blasting everything in its path and looking for mutants.

    Diba dapat parang si godzilla na yung gumagala sa neigborhood nio?

    Nabibitin ako sa scenes that connects some moments in the show. Kaya ko naisip na comic book ish pacing yung story. Hindi na-animate lahat nung scenes fully. You need to fill in the blanks that is created by some scenes.

    Example na naisip ko: Magkaaway one scene prior si storm and forge, tapos next scene, biglang nag iloveyou na si storm. dafuq

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  • Ripley - 4/5

    What a masterfully crafted story. Lots of cringe and edge of the seat moments. Didn't expect it to have this amazing cinematography either. Was doubtful on the first episode if it would be that interesting to keep my attention. I think the engine starts to heat up on the second episode and you can't help but read the next page, and the next, next...
    I had built up this sort of hate/love emotion with the protagonist towards the end.

    Thank you master tambolero1 for the reco. I've watched great movies that I never imagined existed if not for your authentic reviews (going back a decade ago - I know we're old haha).

    X-Men '97 - 4/5

    Sad na season finale na pala next week.
    9th episode - sasama ako kay Magneto f*ck you Charles Xavier haha
  • Thank you master tambolero1 for the reco. I've watched great movies that I never imagined existed if not for your authentic reviews (going back a decade ago - I know we're old haha).

    You're Welcome sir. XD

    The City and The City (2018)

    Wonderful adaptation of China Mieville's novel of the same name. The confusion and misdirection.... then it gets clearer. What makes this one interesting is the imaginative strangeness of the setting, the borderline mash up, truly a thumbs up!! No Quantum Physics required. hehehe
  • yun meron pa pala xmen XD , kala ko kasi isa na lng my bad
    daming nangyari sa isang season
    yung inhumans siguro buried to the ground na ng marvel kasi puro xmen na coming years, buhayin pa kaya nila yun?

    - good show can recommend , pati mga comedic timing magaling
    - yung arcane(league of legends) tapos itong show pa lang ang so far good reception from audience na adaptation from game to tv series...unlike resident evil na ang simple ng lore hindi ma adapt ng maayos

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  • Fallout

    Ganda nga, kulit din banat ng 'NPCs" hehe

    I've played the game before and its super nice.
  • Sugar (2024)

    Now its a jumble genre. That shift...made it more interesting. The bold reveal was necessary for some audience. Missed my guess by a hairline tho. 1 Ep remaining.... hope they will sustain the vive.

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  • Interview with the Vampire (2022-Present)

    Season 2 is worth the wait, a great start. The remake for a modern audience is wonderful...updated, with some tweaks but with high regard to the source material.
  • The Consultant (2023)

    Bizarre, satirical, mysteriously weird, yet....entertaining!! Every Ep is dark and thrilling....Christoph Waltz is a perfect "Regus Patoff", a reminiscence of Al Pacino's "John Milton"