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NVIDIA Ampere: GeForce RTX3000 Series (No Trading/No Mentioning of Sellers)

  • Medyo risky yung unverified lalo na pag nabrick mo yung system. If you have an extra card or may igpu output ang mobo mo, pwede mo pang iblind flash para maibalik sa dati. Pero pag wala, don't risk it.

    Yep no issues naman doing a flash with my iGPU (or blind if needed) in case necessary at mag brick sya. Just don't want to lose the use of one DP port while on the Gigabyte OC BIOS, since I use all four outputs. Will wait for more feedback on the Galax one, since it's reference and has the same output config (3x DP, 1x HDMI) as my card.

    Pero kung hindi talaga reliable, will just go for the Gigabyte tapos lipat nalang sa mobo yung isang monitor. :)

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  • Sa wakas dumating din!

    Bought from K*taL*xxe at Php 49500. Makakapagbuild na din sa wakas.
  • Can't buy a new Ampere GPU? That's because NVIDIA sold them to miners
    <click here for link>
  • Tested the new 390w Galax/KFA2, as well as both the Gigabyte Aorus Master and Gaming OC BIOSes on my PNY card. Did multiple runs and averaged everything, all clean boot.

    - Stock PNY BIOS (365w) got me ~19.4k graphics score on Time Spy. Validated correctly as expected. (<click here for link>)

    - 390w Galax BIOS got me past 20k graphics, but wouldn't validate for some reason on 3dmark (Unknown GPU(0x)). All outputs working properly. Temps are about 5c higher than stock. (<click here for link>)

    - Aorus Master BIOS got me ~19.5k graphics. One DP port wasn't working as expected, and the default boot (Mobo BIOS) output was the HDMI port, which I didn't like. Also would not validate on 3dmark, same error as above.

    - Gigabyte OC BIOS got me past 20k graphics, and validated just fine on 3dmark. One DP port wasn't working, but the default boot output was on DP. Temps are about 10c higher than stock but still below 80c. Ended up sticking with this. (<click here for link>)

    Just wanted to share my experiences with BIOS hopping. Perhaps it can help someone else with a reference card. :)
  • Just wanted to share my experiences with BIOS hopping. Perhaps it can help someone else with a reference card. :)

    Thank you sir. I only tried two vbioses, stock MSI and the Evga 500W one.
    - Stock MSI ([email protected]% PL) = 20.2k gpu on Timespy <click here for link>
    - OC MSI ([email protected]% PL) = +135/+1000 21.6k gpu <click here for link>
    - Stock Evga 500W ([email protected]% PL) = 21k gpu <click here for link>
    - OC Evga 500W ([email protected]% PL) = +135/+1000 22.3k gpu <click here for link>
    All ports are working fine and have passed gaming benchmarks too: AC Odyssey, BFV, BF4, BF1, etc.

    When I flashed my Evga 2080ti (373W) with the Galax 380W, it kept crashing every 30mins. So quite happy that cross flashing went without a hitch on the Gaming X Trio 3090. I think you need to reinstall the Nvidia drivers (use DDU to clean) per flashing, that may be the result of the unknown gpu error.