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NVIDIA Ampere: GeForce RTX3000 Series (No Trading/No Mentioning of Sellers)

  • Aun nag-release na din ng Resizable Bar bios yung Palit, sakto at ngaun ko pa lang naisip mag update the drivers
  • may nagbenchmark na ba for any gains ng resizeable bar

    I have not saved the Forza 4 benchmark before Resizable BAR was enabled but I'm pretty sure I gained 10-15fps. I'll try to run the benchmark today after work to confirm.

    Btw, Here are the games that support ReBar as of now:

    Assassin's Creed Valhalla
    Battlefield V
    Borderlands 3
    Cyberpunk 2077
    Death Stranding
    DIRT 5
    F1 2020
    Forza Horizon 4
    Gears 5
    Hitman 2
    Hitman 3
    Horizon Zero Dawn
    Metro Exodus
    Red Dead Redemption 2
    Watch Dogs Legion
  • Available na din yung BIOS update for Zotac RTX 3000 series cards.
  • finally done update on palit
  • I didn’t did a full bench I’ve just loaded my save file on cyberpunk and didn’t move pre resizable bar 74-76 then after the patch 78-79 lol not very exciting but the next one will be RTX IO aka directstorage API
  • Strange naka-"no" status pa din yung Resizable bar sa 465.89 driver even if naka-on na yung 4G and the Resizable Bar to "auto" sa BIOS sa Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming 7 mobo ko. I guess may konting issue pa ata yung Resizable bar vbios ng Palit. Anyhow, as long as it doesn't affect the hashrates of my 3080, I'm good to go pa din. Was able to play Dota while mining on it at 77mh/s XD
  • Ok so my 10-15 fps gain was way off my memory seems to be failing, lol! I run Forza's benchmark wit and without ReBar 3 times each and here are the results:

    ReBar Disabled:
    Run1 = 106
    Run2 = 106
    Run3 = 106

    ReBar Disabled Run3 screenshot for complete details and graphics settings:

    Rebar Enabled:
    Run1 = 110
    Run2 = 110
    Run3 = 110

    ReBar Enabled Run3 screenshot for complete details and graphics settings:

    As you can see the benchmarks were very consistent across the board with a whooping 4 fps increase, well it's better than nothing. hahaha!
  • Nag update ako vbios pero hindi pala kasali ryzen 3800x ????
  • ^ supported ang 3800X ako nga 3700X. Kailangan para sa 3800X mo:
    1. Supported ng BIOS mo ang ReBar
    2. Supported ng VBIOS ng vidcard mo ang ReBar
    3. Video drivers supporting ReBar
  • ^

    I'm using Threadripper 3960x. Hindi rin nakalagay sa Nvidia Website na Supported pero working naman ang ReBar. Yiu need to update also your Motherboard Bios that enable ReBar.
  • As you can see the benchmarks were very consistent across the board with a whooping 4 fps increase, well it's better than nothing. hahaha!

    better than pushing the limits of vram to increase couple of fps, wondering how much gains if all team red hehe
  • ^ True and without much effort other than flashing. I would like to run benchmarks on the other games and see the improvements sadly I don't have any other game that supports ReBar except Forza Horizon 4.
  • Thanks sa advice. Pero bakit kaya greyed out yung Resize BAR sa UEFI?

    PNY 3060Ti vbios updated
    Ryzen 3800x

  • ^bios related siguro hindi sinupport si 3800x ni asrock, x570 ba yan sir (oops medyo off topic)
  • Ok na pala. Thanks. Nakalagay na pala dun instruction hehe “disable csm”. After ko madisable yun, pwede na ma-enable Resize BAR sa uefi. Lumabas na din sa gpu-z Resize BAR enabled.

    Ok lang naman siguro disable yung csm? Hindi ko alam kung para saan yun.
  • working din ung ReBar for Z370

    MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon
    Palit RTX 3070 Jetstream
  • ^required talaga yun for enabling re-bar, ok lang disabled CSM since UEFI naman ginagamit na ngayon , for bootable devices lang yun not under UEFI
  • share ko lang yun link para sa Galax 3000 series

    <click here for link>
  • Parang naka enable ata yung CSM, and since "auto" lang yung toggle sa Re-bar option sa Gigabyte Aorus Z370 Gaming 7, baka sinet sya as disable since naka on yung CSM. Thanks mga master

    Update: Ayun nga naka-on yung CSM XD. Nasa "Yes" status na din yung Re-bar.

    Langyang CSM yan gumanda yung boot screen ko nung dinesable ko, dati ksi low resolution yung Aorus logo - for 7 years.

    Lumang feature na pala un

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  • ask ko lang mga sir nagupdate ako ng vbios ng msi rtx 3070 then ok naman tapos after restart naka white na led ung sa board?

    UPDATE: Clear CMOS po ginawa ko nag boot pero once nag on ako ng RBAR no boot LED ON ung VGA sa board

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  • ^ Naka-on ba CSM mo? Dapat naka UEFI and CSM disabled ka.
  • ^ naka disable and CSM sir and naka GPT naman po ung SSD ko
  • Problem solved. BETA Bios of z490-g is the problem. I must downgrade my BIOS using bios flashback.
  • OT

    mga pri makihingi sana ng tips sa settings na ok kapag nag mining and gaming

    AMD 3600
    3060 TI
    PSU 850

    3 days palang ako nag mining tapos nung maglalaro ako today nagcrash or garbage ung games ko.

    Note di ko pinagsasabay ung mining and gaming

    makihingi sana ng tips
  • ^ kung memory intensive yung PUBG and COD and I bet it does, may chances na mag crash yung PC, game mismo, or yung nicehash app or the GPU driver, kung pagsabayin mo yung mining and gaming. Right now I only play DOTA 2 while mining on my RTX 3080 and I get 77mh/s while doing so. Since powerful ang RTX 3080 it can handle such load. Since yung RTX 3060Ti is a mid-range card, I think it's not wise na isabay mo yung demanding games like those two - not unless binaba mo yung graphics settings substantially.
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  • Does anyone know any experienced modder ng themal pads? Looking into modding a 3090 but too scared to open it since I already failed once on another card before
  • ^pano nangyari before, nakakalungkot yan, learning a lesson in a hard way, ako marunong kaso kabado ako pag sa iba ko gagawin haha
  • how do you break a 3090 from opening it? is this 3rd party or founders