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Android TV Box Thread

  • Meron pa bang mas maganda sa EVPAD 3S, when it comes to watching local channels as well as cable channels?
  • Mi Box S

    Pinakasulit kasi certified Android TV box siya
  • Ano yung best and cheapest way para makapanood ng F1 using Mi Box S? Binili ko lang Kasi talaga to para sa fox+ only to find out na mag ppull out na pala sila sa Philippines.
  • Anong store po sa LZD legit bumili ng Mi Box S po
  • Ano yung best and cheapest way para makapanood ng F1 using Mi Box S?

    Paid IPTV na lang talaga
  • Paid IPTV na lang talaga

    Any tips or guides tungkol Jan? Been hearing iptvs a lot pero di ko padin magets Kung pano isetup. Specifically Kung pano maka mood ng F1
  • hi,
    pa-suggest po ng ATB below 2k na maganda. plan to use it sa dining/living room lang (not much used).

  • ^ konti na lng mi box s na...
  • mga boss, ano magandang iptv subscription? ung me local at nba tv sana...

  • ^ UnblockTech or EVPad
  • ^
    Boss, kelangan p bilin box s knila? wala b ung iinstall n lng then subscribe?
  • @sephy,
    I know but I just want to try something different, kung meron na medyo comparable but cheaper ... para sa dining room lang (we watch tv sa bedroom most of the time)

    thanks rin.
  • @jangpz

    If you intend to watch Netflix in your dining room using the android box, I would highly suggest that you get a Certified Android TV Box such as the Xiaomi Mi Box S. You won't be able to watch Neflix in Full HD & 4K if the android box is not certified.
  • @Binny, Noted on that ... thanks.

    @all, my main TV only has 1 HDMI port. However, I have a Nintendo Switch connecting to it, in addition to the Mi Box S. Also, possibly in the future, I might also get a ISDB-T DTV box (for local channels). Any HDMI port hub that you can recommend?
    Also, aside from Logitech, what bluetooth/wireless keyboard/mouse can you recommend for the Mi Box S?

  • @jangpz
    Meron naman sa mga "online stores", mura lang yun. Kunin mo yung hindi na kailangan ng external power. Ganun gamit ko, square type. 1 in, 3 out.

    About sa wireless kb/mse naman hindi kita matutulungan since ang setup ko e naka ethernet + usb hub para mas "stable"
  • pa-suggest po ng ATB below 2k na maganda. plan to use it sa dining/living room lang (not much used).

    You can also look into firestick 4k. I've been using mine for almost a year and never had issues with it.

    Regarding your HDMI query. You'll need an HDMI switch.
    But you also need to take into consideration what TV you're using. Is it a 4k HDR TV or a regular 1080p TV.
    If its a regular 1080p TV you can use the cheapest HDMI switch available in Lazada.
    But if its a 4k HDR TV you'll need a more expensive one that supports HDMI 2.0.

    For bluetooth keyboards, I suggest getting a Logitech K380 keyboard. You can pair 3 devices with it. It has built-in android navigation buttons and media buttons. If you have have multiple streaming boxes in the house you can easily switch back and forth to what device you want to control. I use mine to swtich between the mibox s, firestick 4k and the nvidia shield.
    For bluetooth mouse, I dont use one. But you can look into the Logitech M535.
  • @binny, unimodem, owen, sephy
    Thank you all for your inputs. Will probably go for a UGreen hdmi switch and the Logitech keyboard unimodem suggested.
    If I'm going for the firestick, I'll probably wait for a major sale at A*****, no hurry naman to get a 2nd ATB.

    BTW, what addons (TV and movies) do you suggest for Kodi?
    Thanks again.

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  • yung Mi Box S po ba eh good entry point para sa Android TV? Plan to use it dun sa non-smart TV namin to play USB videos (kasi ang pangit ng built-in player nung tv, walang options sa display subs) and bonus nalang siguro yung Netflix and other apps.
  • @Esdeath

    Magandang entry level Android TV Box ang Mi Box S. Pwedeng gamitin ito basta may HDMI port ang TV na paggagamitan mo nito.
  • ^I even had my Mi Box S plugged on an HDMI-capable PC monitor. Since may audio out si Mi Box S, dun galing yung audio.
  • @binny, oweneighty

    pwede ba siya pang play ng video files via flash drive/hard drive? Yun kasi main purpose ko then secondary yung netflix etc.
  • @Esdeath

    Yes. Pwede kang mag play ng video files via USB nito sa likod. Download ka na lang ng video player app.
  • nakakapag play ba ng x265 hdr10 format ung mi box s ?
  • nakakapag play ba ng x265 hdr10 format ung mi box s ?

    yes, the Amlogic S905X can do HW decoding for 4Kp60 10-bit H.265, 4Kp60 VP9 Profile2 and 4Kp30 H.264
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  • best iptv setup? i mean subscription. thanks!